Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christians fabulous 2 part birthday celebration

So I’m sitting here reminiscing how much fun I had on my birthday this year. The only thing that was forgotten was the birthday cake so we are going to have to do it all over again. Ha ha ha! But really my birthday was so much fun we started the evening by getting ready for the Company Christmas party. I was going for the total rockabilly look. I had a cute polka dotted dress my hair was in a pouf with bangs, I had my pinup girl makeup the key component to my look were my crazy rockabilly wolf beater pumps. Omg how I love those shoes. They are incredibly comfortable I didn’t think they would be I usually can’t walk in heels but these were pretty easy to walk in. I felt totally awesome. So anyways Mark was rushing me and freaking out about being late and then when we got in the car and put the destination on his GPS in his phone I laughed because Brenner’s on the Bayou is right down the street from my apartments. When we got there they had valet and they walked us to the third floor where our room was beautiful and it was linked to a terrace that over looked the garden and ponds and also had a beautiful little path that led to a quaint little gazebo that was covered in twinkling lights it was beautiful. The entire garden had cute, romantic twinkling lights I was glad Mark was with me to share this beautiful romantic experience with me.
Picture this in white, with gold and deep red accents

we were on the third floor and picture all of this building and garden area covered in twinkling lights. Isnt it gorgeous?

This is Mark and I a snap shot someone from the office took of us. Sadly we didnt take any pictures ourselves. What were we thinking!

The room was beautiful as well I loved it I’m glad I didn’t miss it. I love my boss he is the most amazing, sweetest, intelligent man with such a passion for what he does. I love working for him because I’ve never met a man with such fervor and ambition before and it’s a pleasure working for him, because it makes you want to be as passionate about it all as well.
Anyways the food was amazing we all got there around the same time.We were all just drinking since it was an open bar by the time we were about to start eating I was super tipsy and we left the party at around 11pm because that was when Mycheal called that she was already at the apartment.
So we said our goodbyes and we leave, we get home and it’s Mycheal and Brittany but no Marisa. Brittany is super fun to hangout with so I’m glad she decided to celebrate my birthday with us it was just a little sad that Marisa couldn’t come. After we went in and I changed I quickly forgot about being sad and went straight into party mode lol.
PaRtY mOdE
I got dressed and since I was a little tipsy ha ha ha I felt super sassy and ready to party. We went to Montrose and we found parking pretty quickly so we started walking to Poison Girls. When we walked we were goofing off in the street being super tempted to steal Christmas decorations out of peoples lawns but we got to the bar quickly ha ha ha. When we got there I was scared and excited to go in because it kind of looked super shady since it used to be a tattoo parlor and it had a burlesque feel to it. When we walk in it was totally not what I expected it was so boring. The people were super stuck up hipsters and the music really sucked. Plus I saw my next door neighbor there and he kind of freaks me out because he’s not friendly at all and that’s exactly the vibe I felt from that place. NOT FRIENDLY!!!  So we had one drink and we smoked a cigarette outside, I went to the restroom with Mycheal and then we booked it to Hipsterville aka Boondocks whoop whoop. Now this place definitely felt like home. I loved it the guys and girls there were super cute well most of them, the DJ was awesome, the drinks were good and there was a nice dark place to sit where we could listen to music and just chill or like us goof off and take tons of pictures.

This is Brittany and me of course

Mark and I (I think you can alredy tell Im tipsy!!!)
 ALL OF US (Mark, Me, Britt and Mychael)
 Going a little too far( just the way I like it lol)
 Mychael and I im growling at her he he he!
 Pushing away unwanted company ha ha ha
 He got caught looking at my boobs he he he
 Brittany and I are the growlers he he he

Then pretty close to leaving after some heavy drinking Brittany and I go up to the bar because she has a crush on the bartender so we go order more drinks. He hooked her up! Hooked her up so well that none of us could drink the drink because of how much alcohol he put in it to get her drunk enough to talk to her ha ha ha.
These are some pictures of the faces we made when we took a sip…
Brittany taking it like a champ

Mychael almost spitting it out he he he

 It was very hard to swallow it burned my eyes and throat ha ha ha
I guess the part of the night that made me realize just how much Mark loves me and scared me a bit was when we all got up to get me a cup of water and as Brittany and I are standing at the bar some freak show comes up to me and hugs me and says " hey baby how are you" it took me a second to realize it wasnt Mark but it didnt take Mark long to get in the guys face and tell him to back off. Whoa you should have seen the fury in Mark's eyes it was madness.

Have a great night guys and ghouls!!!

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