Monday, December 13, 2010

Christian's fabulous celebration partie deux

Well the second day of my birthday celebration was a lot of fun and no alcohol. We started off getting ready and then realizing that Brittany had left her credit card in a friend’s car so we had to get ready and haul ass all the way to sugar land. I was so hungry and sick by the time we made it to Sugarland. After we retrieved her card we all went to have breakfast at IHOP. I hate IHOP but everyone loves that damn International House Of Pancakes so we had to stop. I ended up finding something I would eat and then we went off to the more traditional part of my birthday. We headed out to the zoo. I don’t know I felt so sick that day I really wasn’t in the mood to be around a group of people. All I really wanted to do was lay on the couch by Mark and watch TV and pretty much sleep all day. But I got through it all like a champ.

I think I try to lick his face too often

Brittany always makes the goofey faces

Sitting on Mark by the Christmas Tree

Mychael looking like someone stunned her 

Cheesing for the Camera

I had so much fun with these guys

in some little hut after I scared a small child

 Brittany as cute as ever. I dont think this girl ever looks ugly
 Grabbing his cute butt
 Can you tell who is who in the tiki masks
 Kissing under the cute entry way
 In Brittanyy's car after an entire day of walking

We had a lot of fun at the zoo by the end of it all we were soo freaking exhausted. We wanted to go get coffee, we were going to get Starbucks but since our store is so far away and Starbucks drinks are expensive we decided that McDonalds was a better choice for our pockets. So while we were there we decided on getting something to eat too. So we all got Happy Meals yay. I was super excited about this because supposedly we were supposed to get Hello Kitty surprises and everyone knows how much I love that mouth less cat so we all got one except for Mark because he wanted real food. J
So Brittany and I decided on Hazelnut Iced Coffee to get our caffeine fix and I must say I liked it after tweaking it for a bit it was pretty freaking good. Damn you McDonalds for being our competition.
Anyways after all the built up excitement I get my Happy Meal and get my toy and they totally freaking jipped us. There was no freaking Hello Kitty McDonalds has built an empire of lies dammit. I was so sad because instead what I got were pink Barbie bangles. I wore them of course with all their pink glory but it definitely doesn’t compare to Hello Kitty. At least I wasn’t Brittany who got an action hero instead because clearly they saw past her cute girly exterior and realized what a lesbian-ish boy she really is. I love you and all your manly-ness Britt!
Her what the Deuce face ha ha ha

After lunch we headed out to the Galleria for some shopping. I had a Sephora gift card burning a hole in my pocket and I had to remedy that. I also had cash since we just had gotten paid and I wanted to treat myself to some birthday treasures. Oh how I love to shop especially at Torrid, Forever 21, MAC and Sephora!!!

After the Galleria I was definitely tired and we went back to the apartment and Brittany hung around for a bit but then everyone left and it was just Mark Waffle and I. So we watched TV and chilled for a bit and then had some super happy fun time!!! I love my love muffin!!! I also love waffle we have a cute little family.
Laying on the floor Trying to capture her cute quickie makeup job I did on film
Brittany posing with waffleito 
Im a cat Im a kitty cat and I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance

Trying to get him to take a picture of just his beautiful eyes

Exhausted after dancing

limp cat doesnt want to move

We are such a happy little family

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