Sunday, December 26, 2010

A DIY Christmas

Do you think Im a Drama queen? I don’t know I feel crazy at times, like for example my last post but I had to get it out I couldn’t just let it keep building up and building up. When I let it keep building up its like caging a monster, its not really a pretty sight once its unleashed and I really dont like to make Mark feel bad about anything but when Im angry nothing stops me. Sometimes its not even him, sometimes its the people at work and I just take it out on him it really isnt fair and thats something I will work at in the new year he he he. After I posted that last post I went and took a long hot calming bubble bath and I felt amazing. I felt like nothing could piss me off then, I continued to make the presents for my family and I listened to the Beatles and I was just lost in my own dream world. I didn’t really want to spend money this year on Christmas presents but I did… on Mark.
Ha ha ha I bought him a cute cigarrette case that is a zombie comic book. I actually got it custom made from a girl off of an etsy shop. I love etsy its becoming my favorite place to shop. I also custom made him some zombie sneakers. They are custom made adult keds. They turned out really bad ass. Those i got from zazzle. Then I also got him 2 tshirts one was from night of the living dead it was super bad ass and the other is from another movie but I cant remember from where right now.

  Look at the excitement in his face that alone is worth not having extra money, thats shows me that all of my spending was worth it, just to see this face. I love him sooo much

I felt super guilty when I really didn’t have money left over for my family so I decided to get a wee bit crafty.
For my sisters Kaitlyn and Allie I made delicious chocolate covered pretzels. They were yummy and cute I drizzled them with white chocolate I dyed cotton candy pink. They were very girly and cute. 

For my mother I actually bought her gift and made her something too. I bought her a cute necklace pendant and inside that pendant there was a tiny mustard seed.

The story behind the mustard seed is like from 2 years ago.

It was my birthday and she had just spent alot of money taking me and my 2 best friends Sarah and Haley out to lunch along with Coral and her mom, and my moms admin Marilyn. She took me out to lunch and afterward I just wanted to go shopping at the Galleria. So there we were shopping and she really didn’t have any money to be spending on me but she took me into a very expensive jewelry store. We were just browsing when I noticed a really pretty pendant of a HAMSA that I wanted so we went to one of the employees to inquire about the price… turns out that baby was worth 800 bucks. I told my mom to forget it but she kept insisting that she could get it for me even though I knew very well that she couldn’t afford it. We continued browsing and then she looked and saw this pendant of a mustard seed and she started reciting something to herself. Then she recited it out loud and I thought she was crazy. She started telling me the story of the mustard seed ad I just laughed at her. I saw that she felt really bad afterwards and I just reminded her that Im not as religious as her so that mustard seed mumbo jumbo meant nothing to me. So instead of talking more about that she kept insisting that I take the pendant and I wouldn’t and then she told me that one day she wants to get a pendant of the mustard seed to always remind her how much faith she already had or needs to have when she feels like everything is going wrong.

Mustard seed verse Mathew 17:20
“He told them, "Because you have so little faith. I can guarantee this truth: If your faith is the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

So this year she got one I also made her drunk bears. Which are gummy bears soaked in a lot of alcohol.
For my grandparents I made them a giant container of honey roasted assorted nuts. I did it myself and they turned out awesome!!!
My stepdad I made a cheesecake and then for everyone I made Sangria. It was a DIY Christmas at the Moreno-Conner household.
We had a lot of fun I got a workout jacket, shirt and pants, a body lotion set, these awesome gloves to wash dishes so my hands don’t dry out, money from my grandparents and a pair of really amazing burlesque shoes. They are pink rhinestone bordello pumps.
My mom even got Mark a Christmas present. It was a super huge sleeping shirt that says wheres my zombie and when you lift it up to your face, its a zombie face. Mark really had a cute zombie Christmas. My grandmother even made him a stocking with his name on it. I guess he is officially part of the family.

The food was really good my stepdad cooked and he is a culinary genius lol, so I was super stuffed. After dinner my stepdad and grandparents took turns on the piano it was funny.
All in all it was a great Christmas its so depressing I was so angry and worked up earlier over nothing.

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