Friday, December 24, 2010

Iam so livid right now its time to do a little venting!

Ok so I’m going to do a little venting!!! Ok so this is the situation…
My boyfriend Mark is in oil construction which means he is out of town most of the time L sad I know I freaking hate it.
If I knew back then what I know now there is no way I would have let him take this god awful job. Anyways, when he is in town
I like to be a little selfish with his time here I mean he is my freaking boyfriend I want all of his attention, I want his freaking world
to revolve around me. But grant it I work two flipping jobs to have an average lifestyle. I work two jobs ok so our time is very limited
and when I have my days off I want him with me at all times. Even when I work a double I would still like to come home and have him
next to me, I hate coming home to an empty house. I know it’s not really empty because I have waffle but waffle can’t freaking hold me
and he hates cuddling so I have to live with his coldness!! So when Mark is home is this really too much to freaking ask for? No I didn’t
think so! What does he occupy his time with you say? His freaking dogs I know I’m just being a drama queen but on the days that I can
spend most of my time with him he freaking leaves to go spend time with his dogs and it freaking irritates me. Is this healthy in a relationship
like mine? I really have no clue because this is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in and right now Iam feeling so lonely , angry and abandoned but I have a boyfriend. No matter how much I tell him I really don’t think he will get how I feel and he always gets mad and says “Well what? do you
want me to get rid of her?” of course I do!!! I really don’t mean that or maybe I do I don’t freaking know right now. But if he keeps doing this I don’t
know how much longer I can take its like he always has to put that freaking dog before me and I hate her!!!
So here Iam alone on Christmas Eve and it’s the night that my family celebrates Christmas and where is Mark…. With his fucking dog! You better
believe I’m pissed!!!
Ok Im done thanks for listening

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