Friday, December 31, 2010

Spending a little quality time alone

So I usually always have to spend most of my time with other people because I never like to be alone. Well this morning was a little different. I got up early to take Waffle to SNAPS to get him neutered. I feel so bad doing this to him but he has become such a buttface!!! He is so mean, sometimes when I try to pet him he gets crazy and he bites me and scratches me. I didn’t know how to get him to stop, but someone told me that if I got him fixed his behavior would change a lot. So I’m hoping and wishing that this is true and he’s on his way to get neutered. SNAPS is a non profit agency on my side of town that does procedures like this at a pretty decent price because they want to stop the suffering and death of dogs and cats because of over population and preventable diseases. So I had to make an appointment for them to see Waffleito!!! So anyways I get dressed and put waffle in his kennel and he’s ready to go we are on our way. He loves car rides he gets super excited and behaves so well so it’s always fun having him along for the ride. So we get there I’m in line and I show them his paper and the lady tells me I’m sorry hunny his appointment was yesterday!!! WTF!! I can’t believe I missed his appointment, I was so caught up with work and everything else that I got my days confused. How funny! Anyways so we drive back home and I was supposed to meet Mychael at 1pm because we were going to go shopping for our New Years outfits. So I had tons of time to kill. I really wanted to go see Black Swan so I call An, one of my gay best friends and he doesn’t answer. I call Mark, he doesn’t answer. I call Mychael and she doesn’t answer so I guess I’m going to fly solo. I had never gone to the movies alone but people tell me that it’s really fun so I thought to myself… why not! I get there and the movie starts at 11am so I got matinee pricing which was AWESOME! Since I haven’t eaten anything I’m pretty hungry so I buy curly fries and a diet coke yumm!!! So I’m in my theater, I’m seated,  there aren’t many people in the theater to judge me for being alone and I’m quite comfy. I watch the movie, eat my curly fries and drink my diet coke and I’m entranced. The movie was AMAZING. I can’t even fathom how much I like the movie it was intense and extremely awesome. When I left I felt so weird, it was a combination of feelings. I felt drunk and a part of me felt like the black swan, confident and sexy. I get out of the theater and I look at my phone and I had 2 missed calls from Mark and 1 from Mychael. Thanks for being all late guys!!! But all in all it was an amazing experience. I will definitely do this again. Why? Because no one is there to talk to you, interrupt the movie and you can give the film 100% of your attention I recommend this whole heartedly!!! Ok guys I have to start getting ready for tonight!!! Have a happy New Year

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