Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My birthday with the Familia

Im so happy to have such a united family. Even though we don’t all live together we all love eachother so very much. For my birthday my grandparents wanted me to come over so bad but they didn’t want to call and be disappointed because I couldn’t come because of work. I work two jobs because Iam so scared to be poor and lose my apartment or something so I over work. I work mon thru fri 8am to 5pm at a landscaping company as a receptionist and mon – sun (sporadically I don’t work every day I get 2 days off but there is never a set schedule) I work from 6pm to 1030 pm at Starbucks. I never have time for anything fun and I never have days off with my friends so I mostly spend my extra time at home chillaxing lol.

So this day I had my birthday off and it was a Monday. My sister kept calling me so when I got off of work I called her back and she told me to come over because my grandfather got me a surprise not knowing if I had the day off or not.  So I picked up Mark and we went to my grandparents house. It was awesome he got me a really yummy cake. He was going to get me my favorite pie which is a strawberry crème pie from Flying Saucer’s but they are closed on Mondays (just my luck). So instead he got me a strawberry crème cake from who knows where the important thing is that it was super yummy. I also got to celebrate my birthday with my favorite little guy in the world…. My nephew wolfie (Aliver james)
My grandparents and I

My tito and my adorable nephew wolfie

He wants to blow out my candles lol

he decides against it so I blow them out

He gives Mark the stink eye

Hes just so hugable

He likes to show you all his seefood ha ha ha

He is so cute and such a little devil I love him so much. This was a great birthday always celebrating with the people I care about the most.

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