Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

I had a fabulous weekend, I hope everyone else did too. Since we had a three day weekend I know ths week will go by really fast and Im really hoping for it too. I had to say goodbye to Mark this morning and it was awful, I hate goodbyes but at least its only for a week this time. I dont know but living with him and having him around everyday means so much to me, I hate having him gone for a couple of hours. We are always together ALWAYS, its like we are attached at the hip or something. I like it that way too, it doesnt bother me if he wants to tag along to hangout with me and my friends. It may bother my friends but they never say anything. I guess they should just realize by now that if Im invited somewhere Mark will be there too. He has only been gone a couple of hours and I miss him so much already. So to get this week on a roll here are things Im loving this morning!!!
1. Muffin

2. The Beauty Detox
My immune system is just so weak I need to detoxify my body soon

3. Sushi

4.This adorable pug

5. Their amazing hair

6. This tattoo

7. This is funny I want it framed and in my apartment

8. Stephen King


10. Jack O' Connell

Man I loved him from Skins. He is a cutie and I love his freaking laugh and his I dont give a fuck attitude. He reminds me alot of Mark.

I guess his dancing kind of made up for us losing Freddie

His awesome laugh


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