Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I wish Muffin will come home tonight and snuggle with me during the storm

I want the wedding to hurry and and be over with I dont want to deal with it anymore

I dont want to have a maid of Honor because everyone seems to be complaining to me about it and I dont know what to do

I want to win the lottery sometime this month so we can pay for my schoo, the wedding, pay off the apartment I live in now and buy a house and never ever have to worry about money again

I want my paycheck to fully cover me this week so I can start my detox this weekend

I cry at night worrying about money

I need TMobile to send us that freaking check so I can have money to eat

I think to myself what happened to you? You had your shit together when did you become a financial mess?

I need help from time to time but I dont know who to ask or how to ask

Im really stressed right now and I kind of want to run away from everything. just take Mark and waffle and go

I want a want a winnebago so I can travel around... maybe not gas prices are ridiculous right now!

I dont want Muffin to have all the financial weight on his shoulders

These are my secret thoughts as of right now!!!

Maybe now that they are out I can get a better grip on shit!

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  1. There's always going to be worry about money. There's always going to be something that stretches you too far. I do promise it gets easier, though. When I was 25 I was a mess. I could barely meet my needs with the check that I made. It got better.

    I'm sorry that you're getting stressed about the wedding, too. It's supposed to be a happy time, but other people's egos get in the way. It's crap.

    Also, I love you.