Monday, July 25, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

So its Monday!!! I had an interesting weekend. I had my orientation on Saturday at 9am but it only lasted an hr. The guy giving me my orientation really wanted me to start on Monday so today will be my official orientation, Im so nervous. I did get to spend some time with muffin, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. I really hate his new work schedule because during the week I never see him and on the weekends I see him until 6pm when he leaves for work. I just hate it.
Saturday after Mark left for work I was smoking outside alking to Anthony about conspiracy theories and super natural things that we have heard of and then we decided that we wanted to go ghost hunting one day. So later on after Rochelle cam over we all decided that we would go ghost hunting, it was spooky but alot of fun and I wish that Muffin was there to protect me when I was super scared. We got home a little after 3am and I wanted to stay up to wait for Muffin but that was a total fail. Sunday Katherine came over and we hung out for a bit went out to dinner and then I looked at wedding stuff after she had left. It was uneventful, I just wanted Muffin there.

So today things that are making my Monday morning

                    1. Amy Winehouse
Her death was a sad one but she did leave us with some amazing and soulful music, so I will dwell on the good and not on all the negativity that everyone else is dwelling on. She was beautiful and her music will not be forgotten. I have been listening to her all morning and I feel good


2. The 27 Club
I know this is morbid or weird but I like to think that even though these amazing artists died at such a young age they are out there jamming together and having a ball. Now Amy Winehouse is there to join a big rocking party

3. Peter Pan
This is a quote that I love from Peter Pan and sometimes I want to be Wendy

4. I never want my children to worry about their weight or develop any type of eating disorder and that is why I have been trying so hard to practice good healthy eating habbits

5. Cute Kid costumes
This was such a mind fuck of a movie and too see a little kid dressed up as a droog I think is quite adorable

6. Anything Rockabilly
This piece of Elvis just screams rockabilly to me and I love zombies

8. Rockabilly lifestyle
I love seeing cute rckabilly couples dressing the part and driving cool cars, one day this will be me.

9. This cute picture of kissing finger figures, I love them so much they definately make me happy

10. Of course its Muffin!!!
Ugh ive been missing him like crazy. Even though we argue and bitch at eachother I cant imagine him not by my side. I love him and I will always love him, forever and ever.

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