Monday, August 1, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

This weeks cure for the Monday Blues is a good one. I definately had a rough weekend so waking up this morning was really painful. I really needed some happiness this morning

1. Waffle

I miss my adorable gatito!!!
He is the sweetest little guy in the world and I wish he could be with me right now I miss him so much. But soon I will have the money for a pet deposit and we will never be separated again!!!

2. Jackie Onassis style
16.Jackie O

She was elegant and classic. I think her look could easily be worn today and I thought she was a great fashion icon!!!

"Jackie O"

3. Polyvore
omg these are some of my favorite sets. Playing and exploring on Polyvore has made me so excited about clothes again!!!


Cut To The Chase

4. Chuy's

5. Hanging out with my friends

6. Being in my clean apartment

7. Getting away from the dogs for a good while

8. Birthday Cake Ice cream from Marble Slab

9. Thinking about my 1 yr anniversary with my muffin

10. Dreaming about my future life removing att the negativity and things that might sour my dream world

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