Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Exciting new chapter in the life of Cupcake and Muffin

Morning Everyone!!!

I had a super duper exciting night last night. I went out with 2 very awesome ladies... Stephanie and Shelby and we got "SLEAZY"  with KE$HA. it was actually alot of fun. I was having a bad day and I was going to cancel on them but I talked to one very special girlfriend and she convinced me to go. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH  FALICIA!!!
Anyways we got to see LMFAO, we werent expecting that one. They were amazing I was blindsided by their performance lol I thought they were just a bunch of goofey mofos but they were freaking good and made everyone just want to dance. I couldnt help but smile when they dance because Muffin has some of those exact dance moves and it just made me smile thinking about how cute and goofy Muffin is! KE$HA on the other hand... no bueno! I know she headlined the tour and I love the trashy girl to death but her stage presence sucked. She wasnt energetic, she wasnt even singing and she looked like she wasnt even trying, I was very disappointed. She did sing one of my favorite songs and ate a heart and had a mouth drpping with blood which was awesome but other than that LMFAO stole the show.
I made a playlist of my favorite songs from last night :) takes me back.
I was actually freaking out about how much refreshments are these days. 1. freaking beer was $12, a yard margarita which had little to no alcohol was $15 I mean seriously what do you people think we are made of? At least Shelby was there to pitch in to buy me my second beer!!! I only brought in a certain amount of money thinking it would be enough, but the woodlands thinks that just because we want to get sleazy with KE$HA we are made of money. Thanks Shelby for helping me get intoxicated I love you!!!

So now its time for some wedding gossip

Wedding Gossip

Muffin and I had a talk last night and I pitched in an idea and he loved it and I love it and I think its what we are going to go for!!!
We decided that our wedding was straying too far from what a wedding is supposed to be about so the new plan is...
We are going to get married in a quaint little white chappel in TN and everyone is invited, if you can come you are more than welcome. For those that do come we will have dinner and party all night long!!! I want it to be a quaint intimate affair. We are still dressing 50s and it will be awesome! The wedding date is still Oct 27, 2012 and we are sending out Save the dates close to November of this year so whoever wants to come to our wedding can start to save up. For those of you that cant come we are having a bachalor and bachalorette party each and we will be having a bridal BBQ with awesome food and drinks and friends and family and love. I couldnt be happier about our decision and Im glad I have some family members and friends on board with it already!!!
I cant wait, Oct 2012 please be good to us!!!

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