Thursday, August 18, 2011

The great cupcake charlie brown

So yesterday was not a day of relaxation. I took the day off yesterday to take care of things that were pending and I got everything done. I feel very very accomplished, even though now I'm going to be 8 hrs short on a check, that's the only suck ass part. After all was said and done I was driving home when I saw the "what's Up Cupcake trailer parked outside of one of the clubs on Washington. Muffin and I have seen it before and the idea of selling a cupcake out of  a 1954 Boles Aero Trailer is quite intriguing so I definitely had to pull over and get into some of that cupcake action. The cupcakes were 3 bucks each and they had some flavors I have heard of but never tried so... I figured I could get two, to test them out and see whats up. I got the Nutella one and Strawberry Limeade. I took my babies home, had a mini photo sesh with them and then ate one. The first one to go was the Nutella one. It was very sweet and just OK. It fell short of flavor and it wasn't even moist. Totally threw half of it away. I love love love cupcakes, they are a very integral part of me so I have to try every new flavor, and from every bakery possible. Cupcakes are meant to be a personal dessert, they take time and patience to decorate one small little cake for one person. they are my favorite dessert and I love a good presentation. These cupcakes had a good presence but they lacked flavor. I love Strawberry cupcakes, its my favorite cake but this was dis-gus-ting!.  Needless to say no one beats Crave cupcakes, they are hands down kick your ass good and everyone else just falls short. The only thing that I liked about What's up Cupcake was the name and the trailer, the trailer just tugs and tugs at my gypsy heartstrings. If you could travel and eat in the trailer that would be awesome too, like a travelling dessert diner... AWESOMENESS.

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