Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Sunday kind of Love

Ive been listening to this playlist all morning an it just makes me so happy, I cant describe why. A coworker of mine says that it makes him kind of sad, but I guess thats what makes me me and this playlist makes my heart want to dance around naked!!!

Im so happy that things between Muffin and I are great, I love him so much. I just cant wait to marry him. who wouldve thought that me Christian Renee would ever be married. My idea of a perfect life back in college was...

Me  a makeup artist/ photographer living in a loft in NYC working for Vogue with other great makeup artists. Working during the day, making good money and living like a fashionista should at night. Going to parties and just having fun. That was me I didnt want a husband, a dog, a cat, or a baby, not even a house. I wanted to go from guy to guy never commiting and just having fun.

Look at me now 3 years later. Working at a landscaping company, living in an apartment in the greater heights, with a chubby little cat and I am now engaged. I can believe how much my life has changed since I have met Muffin. I hardly drink these days, I dont smoke anything but cigarretes and now I see myself planning a future home for not just me for "US". I wouldnt change it for the world. He encourages me to go after what I want, if it wasnt for his encouragement and his offers to help me pay for school I probably wouldnt besigned up to go to Aveda this October. I love my life as of right now. I love having him in my small universe. I cant wait to get married, share our happiness with our close family and friends,  go on our honeymoon, buy our first furniture set, buy our first bedroom set, buy our first home, have our first dinner party, go on many vacations with him and have our first child. These are the best years of my life and Iam so happy Iam sharing them with a person that loves me so much. Trust me come October Im not letting anything come between me and Muffin. I will fight anyone who comes near lol.

Lol I love you guys, Thank you to everyone that reads this I love you small group of people and I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to see whats going on in my life.

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