Thursday, August 4, 2011

Muffin and Cupcake are heading to the chapel

So I'm sitting here super excited that everyone is on board of our idea of just eloping. I know there are some dear friends that I wish could come and be there for the both of us but we will completely understand if you just simple cant.

I just felt like we were getting so far away from what the purpose of a wedding really was, that it didn't even make any sense to me anymore. Weddings are supposed to be about love, the couple and close ones. I know we are both silly goofy ass people but our wedding was getting to be more about " I think this is fun", "lets do this for them", "lets hope they aren't bored" when it should really be more about Mark and I and ho much we love each other. I felt like I was just dragging all of the fun elements about each other and making a great big party, when in reality we are there to support and cherish the love I have for Muffin. So I was feeling extremely overwhelmed by the monster wedding and I had to get away. I figured that eloping was the answer. I was also inspired to stick with my decision by this cute little elopement

The plan is to send some cute save the dates sometime in December to let people know that we will not be having a wedding here in  Houston, but we will be getting married elsewhere. So for the people who want to come out to support us, are more than welcome and it gives them enough time to start saving.
For the people that will not be able to attend our wedding ceremony there will be invitations to bachelor and bachelorette parties and a great big couple shower. Where we will receive our wedding gifts and we will have great food, music, alcohol, friends and lots and lots of fun.

When I first started planning my wedding I wanted it to be in the fall, its my favorite season and living in Houston is bearable again!!! I picked October because in other states that are not Texas they actually have beautiful seasonal foliage and great weather and that is what I always dreamed of. So now planning our elopement is like my dream to get married in beautiful fall is really coming true. I really wanted to get married somewhere where the leaves change colors and fall really feels like fall. At first I was really considering Nashville Tennessee because that's where Muffin and I will be honeymooning it up at. Since I haven't found a church or a Chapel, that doesn't look like a scene from Steel Magnolias I was really considering giving up and just going to the JP. Seriously some of those chapels are beautiful but are ruined with all the gaudy bunting, and silk flowers and crap crap crap!!!

Well ladies and gents I have found my chapel of my dreams...

*drum roll please*

Its Palmer Chapel in North Carolina Cataloochee
Its small, old, cute and white and I'm totally in freaking love. I saw pictures of the inside and its exactly what I have been imagining this whole time. I cant wait to be in my little white dress with my handsome Muffin waiting by the altar and I am being walked in by my mother and grandfather. Its going to be beautiful and intimate and I just cant wait.

Its beautiful and I cant wait, I'm really liking this plan so much better and I'm glad everyone agrees with me. At first I thought that it should only be me and Muffin but I know that there are some great family and friends out there that would totally not want to miss our wedding so this is an opportunity for everyone that can make it and really really wants to be there to support us can totally do so. I love you guys and I cant wait to see you guys at Palmer Chapel.

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