Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No apologies

I was actually thinking about apologizing for not doing my Cure for the Monday Blues and then I thought to myself...
I know that, that isnt a very pleasant thing to say but I was busy yesterday. I have been under such a great deal of stress and I hide behind this calm, friendly happy facade, but yesterday my body and mind said enough is enough. I really just needed a break. I had been feeling so angry, and sad and disappointed in the way life was turning out for me but I had to hide myself, the monster. Yesterday I wore no makeup, my hair was doing its usual crazy curly thing, I wore glasses and nothing mattered, I felt numb, used and tattered. I needed a break. Working two jobs and living with stress upon stress upon stress took its toll on me. Yesterday was my break. Yesterday I didnt get online to read blogs, I didnt listen to music, I didnt really work either I kind of just sat at my desk thinking of ways to not dwell on the nasty mean side of life and just get back to my happy place.
So I did it I took my break. I went home after work and got dressed up and went out. I needed some retail therapy so I went window shopping at the Galleria. I tried some cute things on, tried some shoes on, went into accessories stores and browsed. I went into the body shop for some aroma therapy, I went into MAC and Sephora to see what I had been missing out on. I sprayed myself with one of my favorite perfumes and that actually improved my mood alot more. Then it was time to move on so I went to Sally's and I bought hair dye, I was tired of looking at my ridiculously grown out roots so I fixed it. Then I had to deep condition my hair, which I did. But Im thinking I might need something else because it really didnt fix the problem, my hair is still crazy fried I need some intensive hair therapy. I finally topped the night off by eating some chicken, watching Black Swan and then having a strawberry ice cream sundae pop tart. Whoop whoop talk about living on the wild side. lol
So no Im not exactly sorry for not posting yesterday, it was a much needed day off, I feel better, things are better and I can finally smile again. So I hope you all understand and if you dont well then fuck off I cant really worry about anyone else anymore. I need to start caring, loving and thinking about me first!!!

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