Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fashion Inspiration

Recently I have been obsessed with changing my look to a more sophisticated version of me!!! I think my style Icons are going to totally inspire my tranformation into the hip 25's lol. Im so nervous about turning 25 this year I think I need a change in looks and hopefully my transformation is a success.
#511 Zooey Deschanel on red

I think once Im in my right frame of mind and done with all this mind fuck business I will be ready to get back into fashion. I love fashion, clothes, accessories, makeup and shoes; its one of my passions. I think its time to feed the cravings!!!

Better Than Revenge

Off to the fancy new library


bring me the sunshine

Pale Winter

Harry Potter

Prince harry<3


Do you see what Im thinking? Im getting sooo excited about fall and winter I really have to start having fun with what I wear and how I look. I need to be more creative and just love myself and that starts now!!!

talk to you guys later, Im letting my creative juices flow!

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