Friday, August 19, 2011

feeling inspirational

Omg I am so ready for this weekend. I dont know I feel very inspired. I want to work out like a crazy person this weekend. I want to go for a really long hike alone. I want to go and lay under a tree on a blanket with some bug spray and a good book. I mean school starts in exactly 54 days. I am so stoked, but when that happens that also means that I will not have as much free time as Id like to have. So I have to make the most of it now. Im feeling super inspired on a Friday so here are the things that are inspiring me today...

1. Hilary Duff on her wedding Day

This gorgeous dress and bouqet

This adorable drink dispencer and the pink sugar rimmed glasses

Hooray for Diner food YUMM

This awesome backyard set up SOOO DREAMY

How I plan out my life with Muffin

This adorable hairstyle

Zooey Deshanel
always inspiring to me

Cutie Patootie

This is what will inspire me to look and feel better everyday!

Have a great weekend dolls


  1. I thought hilary duff looked stunning at her wedding!

  2. Oh I know she is so beautiful, I think she is a great role model. I love her