Friday, August 5, 2011

Wake up its FRIDAY!!!

So today I woke up a bit inspired. I feel like I need to quit wallowing in self pity and do what I have to do to make myself a better person. I got to see Muffin yesterday for what felt like only an hour and I miss him so much.Now that he has actually been working a lot and eating out less I totally noticed that he is losing weight, which in turn makes me feel really gross about myself. So I have decided that instead of wasting time lounging around the house missing him I'm going to be productive. I'm going to start preparing multiple meals at night for the week when I'm not working at Chuy's and I have the whole night to myself. I'm definitely going to work out in any spare time I might have and I'm just going to focus on taking care of myself.

Goals for the next two months
  • I wont be going out driving because I'm bored and spending money on gas
  • I'm going to limit my smoking alot more and hopefully one day before I'm 50 I will have rid myself from all forms of smoking.
  • I will be taking vitamins daily on top of taking probiotics, digestive enzymes and my daily dose of     B-12
  •  I will only be drinking water unless I'm at a restaurant where I have the choice of teas never sodas, I will also be limiting my caffeine intake.
  • I will be exercising in every free moment I have, I will try to go walk/jog around memorial park every night unless I'm working at Chuy's because walking at night alone could be quite dangerous
  • I will be eating out way less unless its on a date with a girlfriend, muffin or my family
  • I will be limiting my drinking alot more because its not that good for me to begin with and its expensive
  • I will not be lounging around the house feeling sorry for myself because there are too many things that I could be doing other than that
  • I will get back into hoola hooping
  • I will try to go to the YMCA at least 3 times a week depending on my work schedule
  • I will try to at least (minimum) to put 50 dollars into savings every week
  • I will try not to eat junk food but once a week, and not over due it when I do
  • I will stop sabotaging myself and not do harmful things to my body, I will not be self destructive again.
I decided to come up with a plan to better myself and my body. I feel like I have such a toxic body that its starting to affect my happiness and way of life, so if I start to eat better and take care of myself everything else will just fall into place. I feel like at 24 its time to grow up, use my brain and mature my life style. My health isn't the only thing that will improve by October you will see a happier more stable Christian Renee. I don't want to be depressed, angry or stressed out all the time anymore. I definitely don't want it to affect my relationship with Muffin, so I'm making this change before I spiral down again. I deserve to be happy, and its not just going to come knocking on my apartment door one day. I have to make that change and I start now.

Wish me luck guy because I know its going to be a long hard bumpy ride!!! I hope you have a great weekend, I know I will.
Its Cupcake and Muffin's 1 year anni tomorrow hopefully we get to see each other, I'm really really wanting to go see Rise of the Planet of the Apes... hopefully I do.

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