Friday, August 12, 2011

Bad day please go away

So yesterday I was in a pretty good mood, I was listening to my good mood play list for most of the day and then decided to switch it up and listen to Korn. I had forgotten how much I actually loved that band. Their first CD will always be my favorite, when I would feel like such an outcast in high school, they were my best friends and that CD helped my cope with how mean high school girls can be. Seriously I think your teen years are what shape you. I was such a nerdy little depressed, angry girl when I was in high school. I never thought I was pretty, I didn't think I was worth while, I didn't attempt to date I was just weird. I focused more on other things. I was the funny girl, I was super sarcastic and weird, I knew more about art and music than anything else. That awkwardness is what makes me , me now. I'm not shy anymore, I'm not socially awkward, I can talk to anyone and make friends easily, I have a wide range of taste in music, I know a lot about makeup and fashion and I am beautiful. I love myself now more than I ever did and I know I am worth more than anything. I cant believe how far I have come, and that CD made me remember how hard my teen years were and what helped me cope. Now when I'm having problems with girls anywhere I feel like Korn will be there for me.

On other news I freaking had an accident yesterday after work. I was pulling out from the street I work on into a busy street. I didn't see anyone coming except an 18 wheeler that was turning onto the street I was coming from. So I go for it apparently that truck blocked more of the street view than I thought because I almost hit a Ford Ranger. Luckily I slammed on my breaks and so did he. It all happened so slowly and if he would have swerved over he probably wouldn't of hit me. He just scraped the front of my car with the front of his truck and tore off my license plate. But the mother fucker wanted to file a report since it was in a company car, now I just have to wait and see what the fuck is going to happen. Its sad because I was trying so hard to not swell on the bad that everything was going to be OK and then this shit happened. I'm really hoping that today is a much better day. I will be going to work at Chuy's tonight, Hopefully its a good night and I get to work with the people I like to talk to. Maybe I might stay after work and have a drink. I know they all like to go get drinks outside of Chuy's on Fridays. I might join them today, but maybe not. I might be too tired and I will be having Muffin come over in  the morning and I will be having to get up super early for our green chili festival meeting at Chuys. All I'm asking for is a good day!

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