Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jaws themed swimming

Do you know what happens, Christian, when a dream comes true and you feel your joy bubbling over into wide grins, happy dances, and shrieks of "Holy @#$%!!" and the like?

Your energy actually spills over into the oceans of time and reaches into the past where it laps upon the shores of a former here and now, infusing a former unsuspecting self (who is still merrily living their life due to time's "simultaneousity") with a flash of inspiration or a burst of intuition; a hope for what the future might hold.

Whew... and that, my friend, is the truth about where dreams come from.

    The Universe

  That my friends is my note from the Universe, I like it so much I have to share it!!!

So last night a group of us went to Market Square because they were having a movie night. I have been wanting to go ever since I heard of them but have never had the chance. Well Yesterday after talking to Katherine about it she wanted to go with me so we made plans and we all had a couples date!!! It was so much fun an outdoor movie in the city with  blankets, lawn chairs, picnic supplies and friends. Katherine had never seen the movie before so I definately couldnt wait for her to watch it. It was alot of fun and I cant wait to do it again. Apparently sometime this month they are going to have a Labarynth showing and its a singalong, can you guess who will be going to that showing? THIS LITTLE LADY!!! Im so stoked. I love having Katherine here shes such a great girlfriend. She loves to shop, drink, go out, is up for anything and is a FOODIE!!! I love her I definately dont want her to go back to Kansas. I want her to stay here forever and ever and ever.

Ok I also met the cutest little dog ever!!!! His name is Megatron and I totally wanted to steal him. I was so smitten by this adorable puglet I definately have to have one in the future!!!

These are all pictures taken from my phone so Im so sorry for the quality, but I left my camera at home and I had to do what I had to do :)

The Alamo Drafthouse Roadshow

To the left Muffin and I then its Katherine and Cody

This other lovely couple is Anthony and Rochelle

Lastly I leave you all with a goofey face picture by the Muffin Man

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