Friday, July 22, 2011

Love and Cupcakes

Well I guess life kind of carried me away this week. I have had a pretty busy week and I am just exhausted. My sister had her baby on Monday and Iam a proud aunt of a beautiful baby girl, Rozlyn Renee. Now I have two babies to love, up until I have one of my own. Im soooo excited. Ok so yesterday I had my second interview at Chuy's and I for sure have the job Iam so stoked. I cant wait to start, although I am a little nervous. Its just your normal "first day of school" jitters. But I guess I can look at it this way, Im not there to make friends Iam there to make money. Although having new friends is always great, I love meeting and hanging out with new people. I miss my starbucks friends so much some times. I dont really keep up with their lives anymore though. I used to talk to them everyday but now I think I mostly just talk to Brittney out of all of them. Iam so tired and bored with my life right now, it hasnt brought me to tears yet so thats good. I just want to get out of my desk job and go out there and do something. 8-5 jobs are so boring I really dont see how people stay in these jobs for too long, Im itching to leave. I just need to find a job that will pay me more which wont happen until after school. Sometimes it isnt too bad but seriously I feel like there is more highschool drama in corporate jobs than there are in other jobs. I feel like I have to watch my back all the times because there is always someone out to get you and everyone is pretty much just looking out for themselves. Its really sad I thought that by taking this job I would be going into a more adult enviorment where there is less drama, the only thing thats changed is my ability to joke and goof off the way I used to at Starbucks. Dont get me wrong, I love my job it just that there are those times when I really dont feel like dealing with drama.

What I most want you to dream of, Christian, are possibilities that thrill you.

What I most want you to feel, is happy.

And what I most want you to know, is that you're loved.

    The Universe

This was my note from the Universe this morning and it made me really happy. I love my little notes I get every morning, but this one made feel warm and fuzzy inside and extra special, thank you Universe.
I finally got to see Muffin this morning after spending 2 whole days without him, I got to see him for like 5 mins, but it was good to see him.
I miss him so much. I dont know if I told you that they changed his work schedule and from now until the end of the job he will be working night shifts, which means we will never see eachother. As I wake up adn get ready for work he is leaving work so we slip by without seeing eachother and as Im getting off work he is going into work. Today is day 3 where he is working this schedule and I definately dont like it. I thought we would at least have more time to cuddle tomorrow but tomorrow is my first day working at Chuy's and they are doing orientation at 9am :( Im hoping that they tell me to come in later or maybe on Sunday. My manager Elliot is supposed to call me today and confirm my 9am orientation, he hasnt done it yet so who knows.

All day today Ive been reading wedding blogs and getting ideas and cute wedding inspiration to include in my reception, all I know is that I want it to be cute, small and filled with lots and lots of love.

That is it for all guys, Im hoping that life gives me at least an hour break for blogging purposes a day, so I can just realease some of my thoughts that are jumbled in this overworked brain of mine

Lots of love

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  1. Congratulations on the new niece! I know that your sister makes beautiful babies and Rozlyn isn't an exception. :) Hooray for new babies to cuddle!

    Also, Yay for Chuy's job! Way to go! The best part is that you'll be able to gain server experience that you could always take to a different restaurant that pays better in the future, if you needed to do so. You're gathering skills. :)

    Love you, Cupcake.