Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bite the bullet

So last Tuesday I made myself a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish this is what I have done so far...
  • Make it to school with at least 10 minutes to spare Not so much because traffic is unbearable in Houston, I only got there with 5 mins to spare. I hope today its different dammit

  • Not have any arguments with Muffin Nope I decide to nit pick at every damn thing which causes minor arguements :( Im trying to get better I swear!
  • Not stress myself out about any little thing

  • Try on wedding dresses to see which style best fits my body  Nope I got sick and just never got around to it plus I cry when I look at myself in the mirror now I just dont want to do that in public

  • Cook at least 2 dinners (maybe only on weekends because during the week with school it will be way too late to eat)

  • Wake up early and meet Julian Michael's in the living room for a before work workout Ugh why must I be so danm lazy, Muffin wakes me up every morning when he leaves for work yet I decide to roll over and continue to snooze :( tomorrow will be a different story I promise no more slacking

  • Start training for my marathon I want to run (only on weekends) No I got sick and just didnt feel like getting out of bed, this weekend I promise Saturday and Sunda are made for running!!

  • Wear makeup more often

  • Try to look cute for work (at least look like I care about what I look like ;)

  • Buy a new blowdryer and straightener Instead I saved my money and got my car fixed ;) definite win

  • Go to a pumpkin patch or fall festival with Muffin and Britt This Im definitely going to do, it may not be with Muffin but I have my girl friends :) The monthi is still young lol hahaha

  • Have our Disney movie party I know Muffin isnt going to be here for this but I can invite some girlfriends over and still do this :) eek like a girls slumber party 80s style lol

  • Lose at least 10-15 lbs definitely doing this one I have a total of 31 lbs to lose before the end of this year I need to get crackin

  • Eat in accordance to my diet  Nope I cant keep thinking about it as a diet bc thats how I fail, and nope Ive been eating junk :( so I fail

  • Not fall off the wagon I dont think Ive fallen off completely bc I make healthy choices everyday its just some days Im too tired to care and I make one  bad   move
  • Be a better person
  • save at least 300 bucks
  • blog everyday
I think all in all Im still doing pretty good maybe by next week I can scratch some of these off!!!

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