Thursday, October 13, 2011

To scream or not to scream

So this past weekend I did a lot of fun things. Despite being in so much pain Muffin and I had free tickets to go to Nightmare on the Bayou which is supposedly a really scary haunted attraction in Houston so we definitely had to go. Ive only been to one Haunted attraction in my whole life... other than my homes.
I went to the Haunted Woods with my mom and her friends one year, I really don't remember how old I was but all I can say about that place is... lame. First of it wasn't cheap to get it but it was a totally cheap attraction, the monsters sucked and they didn't even try to scare you. I hated it and I vowed never to spend my money on lame ass shit like that.
This place was completely different, I felt like the people working there really love what they do. They seriously tried so hard to scare me. It was alot of fun. At first I was getting super creeped out because as people where going in and getting scared you could hear them screaming so of course I started to get freaked out. Muffin was in front of my so my plan was to bury my face into his back and not look at the things coming to get us lol. As we went in we had VIP passes so we didn't have to spend time in the awful lines, so that was cool yay points for them! Once you went in it was super dark and I started getting creeped out and we had to go through a tunnel and that's when I lost him. I mean we were still kinda holding hands but it was hard because they had like this inflatable shit on both sides of the wall so you had to like squeeze through it to keep going. AHHH CLAUSTROPHOBIA SETTING IN lol. It was sun though. Once we got through the monsters were coming at me at first they would not scare me and I would look straight at them it was fine, but they were not OK with that. I kinda would not pay attention to them after I passed them because I was more concerned about what might be coming at me so the ones I would pass up would creep around me and definitely scare me because I wasn't expecting it. It was so much fun I loved it. There was one point where I got really scared because there was a clown involved. I fucking hate clowns, they seriously freak me the fuck out.
So Muffin and I are at the entrance of the next site and we get 3D glasses. As we step in its fucking crazy, literally feels like you are tripping. Theres a strobe light going and glow paint every where and we go through this tunnel that is super colorful and definitely feels crazy with the strobe light and naked ragged baby dolls hanging from the ceiling. I wasn't paying attention but I started to feel really scared because I felt like leather face was going to pop out at some point or some creepy ass creature from House of 1000 Corpses or something so I started clinging on to Muffin. As we are passing up this room I hear someone enter the same room behind me so I am totally freaked out, too freaked out to turn around so I kinda look down and back and catch a glimpse of a clown shoe and clown pants and my heart starts racing I freak the fuck out!!! I claw my way to the front and use Muffin as a barricade between me and the clown and omg it was the fucking scariest clown Ive ever seen all gross and fat and decaying and evil. I got passed a bridge and totally left Muffin at the clown bridge I didn't care about what else was going to get me I just didn't want that fucking thing on my ass again. AHHHHHHHH so scary. Muffin came back I made sure he stayed behind me the entire time after that. We made it out, great night I totally want to go to another one. Maybe with my friends because I don't think that after I shove them at the monsters and run I wont feel as bad as when I did it with Muffin. Supposedly I'm marrying this man and that is not the type of behavior I should be having lol.

I fucking love October the best things are happening... Renaissance Festival, Fall Festivals, Oktoberfest, Pumpkin patch fun and hay rides, omg so many things I want to do

I want to have a candy apple party
I want to have a pumpkin carving party
I want to have a girls slumber party with junk food and our favorite Disney princess movies and alcohol of course
I want to have a scary movie marathon night
I want to go to Renfest
I want to go to a fall festival
I want to go to more haunted houses
I want to go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas before it closes again till summer time
I want to go pick pour pumpkins from a pumpkin patch and go on a hay ride
I want to go to a costume party

I'm thinking about what I want to be this year and its either a she wolf, a french dead clown, Minnie Mouse or a droog from a clockwork Orange. Hmmm decisions decisions lol
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!!


  1. Hi! So, yay, you're back! I love haunted houses. I worked one for two years in high school. We tried SO HARD to scare the people. The fun part was when we did the kiddie run and we just danced to Ghostbusters. LOL

    Hmmm...weight lose. Okay, so eats lots of little meals and even if you end up eating crap meals at night, as long as you eat them before seven (I know, hard) they shouldn't do as much damage. A good rule of thumb is to stop eating at least three hours before you go to bed. I think that it's what keeps me and Adam thin. We eat dinner before six every day.

    Also, don't be hard on yourself. It takes time to re-tool your body in to burning all of your calories. Love yourself. You're beautiful.

    I wish we lived closer because I would make you feel fabulous every day. :)

    Maybe you could talk to Mark about making healthier meals. Write up recipe and leave them out for him when he's going to cook. *shrug* I'd help with the healthier choices, but I cook very Southern, as you know, and there's very little that is healthy about that.

    I LOVE the wedding venue. Just so you know. If I figure out how to help you with diner food catering I'll let you know. <3

  2. Chessy I just wanted to tell you... I love you! Seriously you have become one of my very best friends. You are always there for me, you comment on my blog, you text me randomly, you stay on the phone with me for hours and you give me advice all of the time. I love you! Thank you for your friendship I really appreciate it. I wanted to know if you would be one of my persons to read something for me at my wedding during the ceremony. I would really love to have you be a part of it!!! I love love love you thank you for being a friend outside of Starbucks I really appreciate it.
    Im glad you like the place we chose, maybe you can come up with something cool as for food!!!