Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love notes

Today Im writing a letter to myself. I feel like I need this now more than ever because Im only sabotoging myself.

My Lovely Christian,

I know right now you feel very insecure about yourself. I can see that you have stopped caring about so many things that used to bring you so much joy. This, whats happeing in your life right now is a minor hiccup to the greatest adventure you will endure. Please dont give up on yourself, learn to love yourself more than anyone. This is something to learn from and I feel you should take it for what it is and just roll with it. Take better care of yourself, treat yourself every once in awhile and definitely let go of all that hatred you have for yourself because Christian you are beautiful and definitely worth while. I love you plese plese plese take better care of yourself. Eat healthy but dont limit yourself, excersice but dont over do it and just embrace who you are. People love you and do care about you. You have so many things going for you stop stressing out over things that arent important because they are really hurting and affecting your health. Keep those friends who do love you close and the ones who are hurting you just drop them they are extra baggage you really dont need. People like to use you Christian because you are a very loving and giving person, dont let them. You are no ones door mat!!! You come first. Remember that you and your health and your happiness come before everyone elses. Mark loves you and supports you stop the bickering because you are only hurting and stressing yourself out over nothing.

I love you please please please take care of yourself.

Love, Suki

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