Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hello fellow bloggers and followers I am happy to say that I broke free of my rut and I am back!!! I really was considering deleting my little blog and never posting about my life again but then I had a revelation. It actually came to me in the form of a dream, I believe alot in dreams and I felt that I needed to start blogging again, so here I am.

Life has actually taken a huge turn for me compared to how it was in my last post. I am happily living with Muffin in our very own amazing apartment with waffle of course. I love it, I think the best part is being able to role over and feel Muffin next to me sleeping soundly and having him with me all the time. Now I dont have to share him with anyone its just us and I love it. I have decided not to leave LMC, the company really isnt for me but it is a great company to work for and the people I work with are pretty fun people. My job can be pretty boring at times but I cant complain it gives me time to blog, read books, google things, get inspiration for our wedding and study when school starts, so I decided that I should stay put for now at least until I finish school then I can leave and pursue other endeavors.  School actually starts pretty soon October 12th to be exact and Im all set up and ready to rock. Recently Ive undergone some changes and they have been good for the most part and I wanted to incorporate them into my blog so I decided that since Im back to blogging, my little blog needs some sprucing up. I decided that I want to incorporate some themes into my little place on the net so this is what I came up with...

  • Cure for the Monday Blues - Well this has been a part of my blog for awhile and I love it, it really gets my mornings going so I thin it stays. This is where I post pictures and list all the things that are inspiring me that dreaded Monday morning.
  • Bite the Bullet-  I am a very organized person by nature and I love love love making lists so on these days I will be making a bullet list of things I want to do, things I did, things I like,  just cool orderly bullet lists
  • The Skinny Files - I have been doing so good with my weight loss lately, better than I have before and I want to be able to talk about my accomplishments, my goals, my struggles and maybe by talking about the long hard road to the perfect bod it will make it easier for me to stick to this life goal. At times I may need some encouragement, and that's when you lovely readers can help me out.
  • Hello Muffin Lover - I know Muffin reads my little internet life so this is where he is welcome to come on in and tell us whats up in his world and just get his little spot on the blog
  • Weddingland Dreams- This is where I talk about the wedding, post wedding inspirations, accomplishments, struggles and funness
  • The Wonderful life of Cupcake and Muffin- This is just like a diary section, daily life pretty much anthing I would want to talk about.
  • Through the looking Glass- which will be my life in pictures. Sometimes I just like to post pictures of things that we did, ate, Muffin, Waffle just my life in general and I will, and it will be called "Through the looking Glass
Iam sooo excited. I cant wait to start blogging soon. I will see you guys later got to go bond with waffle while Im home.

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