Thursday, October 20, 2011

The real Skinny File post

Hey guys ok Iam so sorry about not talking about weight yesterday.
So I still weigh the same, I have been eating really well too I dont get it I think my body is at a plateu and I need a breaker!!! I have been tracking my food on my fitness pal and I stay under 1200 calories. The only time I have time to exercise now is on the weekends. Im hoping to break on through this weekend though. I am going to go jogging in the morning before hanging out with my friends and then after we hangout Im going to do it again. Then Sunday I will run in the morning, in the afternoon I will go to the gym in my apt complex and do weights and circuit training. I need to lose some major pundage. I am so sick of being stuck at 194. Im also so sick of losing weight everywhere but my stomach which is protruding. Seriously I think I could fit into smaller pants if my belly and waist would start slimming down. Before I couldnt get into pants because my thighs were so big pants could never go up all the way. Now all pants are loose in my thighs, and butt but fit perfect on my waist. AHHHHHHHHHHH this is so lame. Also I dont even have to wear a freaking bra now if I dont want to because my boobs have just disappeared. LAME! I wish I could tell that I have lost 30 pounds just by looking at me, you cant even really tell in my face. Its soooo upsetting. Today I resent my goals to 1100 calories a day and I will be working out 4 times a week at least an hour and 30 mins. Lets see if that changes anything.

 So I have started a new blog, I needed a fresh start so here it is
The Kats Meow

Hope you all read it I love you guys have a great day


  1. Things would definitely change...Personally i find it too difficult and lazy for workouts.I've gained 10 kilos within two months....

  2. Thank you, I think things were at a horrible stand still back then I just needed to stay motivated!!!

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