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So today I guess I should talk about how planning my fall wedding is going. Well lets just put it this way its freaking hard and now I know why some women go crazy.
So far Muffin and I have decided on a venue that we really really liked. Its called the Antique Rose Emporium, its in Brenham, Texas. Its a beautiful venue and it was in our price range. I was torn between having to choose either having our wedding inside or outside and this way we can have both. The place comes with a beautiful chapel, a rose garden, a gazebo, an antique looking house so we can all get dressed in, and a cute little covered area where we can have our tables set up, It has a quaint little fountain in the middle and its open. I love it. With the rental price comes all of that, a 2 day rental (set up friday and wedding saturday) of the facility and 120 chairs and 20 something tables. Its perfect because our guest list was originally only going to be 100 people. Now as we are in the actual planning of the event I'm going through the process of elimination in the guest list department. But I seriously cant wait to start making the decorations and start creating things for our wedding. Its going to be a blasty blast.

This is the place. The front look at our chapel

This is the way it looks when everything is starting to grow again

This is the entry way to the garden
 This is the inside of the chapel

 This is a black and white picture of the chapel

 This is where our reception will be held
Side note: all of these pictures were taken off of google I don't know the sources so if any one knows where these pictures came from please let me know and I will give credit for them. Thank you

As for food we have yet to find a caterer for our diner food. Since it is in Brenham we have few selections and there are 3 old school diners that we really liked that don't cater diner food which is very disappointing. This has proven to be the hardest part of it all. Ive even considered changing the menu but it breaks my heart because we had planned to have fun delicious food to go with the 50s theme. Any ideas on what we could do please let me know because my mind is running blank. We wanted to keep the wedding under 10,000 I'm hoping to keep it at 7,000 more than that and I think I might have a heart attack. Why when it comes to wedding people just gouge prices as if there isn't a recession going on? Hopefully something will come along.

We have found the person that will perform our ceremony we need to meet up with him soon to start couple counseling and start talking about the ceremony and wedding vows and all that jazz. His name is Albert Archie Jr. Ive known him for 3 years or more now. We met when he started working at Starbucks and we became good friends. He is such an amazing and giving person and really knows me well. I love him and it makes me so happy that he will be performing our ceremony. He is also a rapper and very involved in his church so now you understand why I never questioned my decision. I feel like he is the right man for the job. You can friend him or just check him out on facebook, he is hilarious and the sweetest preacher man I will ever meet.

My cake... oh my cake. Well this is awesome I'm very very excited for my cake. Its going to be beautiful and fondant free. Why? Well because I hate the taste of fondant of course. The person baking my cake and the grooms cake is non other than Archie's dad Chef Albert Archie. I am so excited about our cake he did an ex friend of mine cake and it was delicious and beautiful so he was my first choice and also because I knew him and he is just as sweet as his son. Muffin and I are going to be meeting up with him soon to make some decisions about the cake and do a cake tasting  and just finalize the plan with him. I'm very very excited about cake.

As for my dress I still haven't found a seamstress to make it  so I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do. I may have to order it from the Whirling Turban. I loved a dress there but I wanted to combine some parts of another dress that I really liked, so what I'm thinking is if I don't find someone to help me make my dream dress then I will just order the dress and ask my grandmother to add some pearls and beading to it. The bridesmaids... well I found someone to make their dresses on Etsy. The girl that I'm dealing with is amazing her name is Jan she is from Denver, CO and she is the most wonderful person that Ive had to deal with in the whole wedding process. She is very understanding and she has helped me made some decisions about the dresses and I think the dresses are going to turn out very cute. She works really fast, I started talking to her about making the dresses in the middle of last month for 5 bridesmaids. She is already finished with all of the dresses and is waiting on the final payment from some of the girls to ship them out. I love her. If you are thinking about having a rockabilly inspired wedding and want to get your bridesmaids dresses custom made I completely recommend her she owns her little shop called bombshell bridal and she is truly the bees knees. We had a little problem with my sister dropping out of the wedding in the process of Jan making her dress and she flipped my sisters dress and is making my flower girl, my little sister her dress instead. Which will be similar to the rest of the girls but not quite. I'm so excited and very pleased with her service so far and I cant wait to see the dresses.

That's all I have for now I hope to be able to talk about my wedding a little bit more next time, maybe with a caterer in mind or a photographer or maybe starting on crafting. I'm very excited and I cant wait for October 27, 2012.

Thanks for reading guys

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