Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bite the bullet

Morning ladies and gents I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday, I know Iam. The air this morning is cool and crisp and windy and fabulous, its finally starting to feel like Fall here in Houston. Iam so happy about that, now I can start wearing my oh so cute fall clothes. Ugh wait, I dont have any and do you know why? Well because since Ive lost weight all my clothes fits me horrible!!! Its loose in all the wrong places and it just looks bad. Another reason to go shopping :) am I right lol. Well anyways today is another great session of biting the bullet and I will see which of my goals were accomplished this week!!!

Make it to school with at least 10 minutes to spare Well this one has yet to be completed and it is the most important one!!! I was late yesterday guys and I was allowed into class but my hours werent counted because I could not clock in. This is ridiculous Im going to have to talk to my boss because I am not going to throw $11,000 down the drain by being late. 2 more tardies and I am kicked out :(

Not have any arguments with Muffin This one has happened because he is out of town for the next 3wks :'( I miss him so much I cry when I think about him nat laying next to me when its time for bed. I miss my cuddly Muffin
Not stress myself out about any little thing Totally stressing about work and school conflicting schedules holy shit this is the most stressful thing especially being 45 mins away from school and getting off and heading dead on into Houston Traffic. How the fuck am I going to make this work
Try on wedding dresses to see which style best fits my body I havent done this one yet :( I really need to just to experience being in a wedding dress and seeing myself as a bride

Cook at least 2 dinners (maybe only on weekends because during the week with school it will be way too late to eat) I have done this but only for myself so they have been small and healthy :)
Wake up early and meet Julian Michael's in the living room for a before work workout OMG I totally did this on the weekend and I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I didnt even know I was so out of shape until she challenged me. I didnt get very far into the DVD but we shall try again this weekend ;)
Start training for my marathon I want to run (only on weekends) Did this and I feel awesome I cant wait to do it again this weekend Im going to try to run twice a day both  Saturday and Sunday :)
Wear makeup more often Well since school started we actually have to wear makeup, like its in our handbook so now I have been wearing it alot more. Maybe now I will get back to my normakl girly self
Try to look cute for work (at least look like I care about what I look like ;) Ive been doing this too. Being around beautiful people at school really makes me want to have a cute edgy style too so Ive been trying to keep up with the other girls
Buy a new blowdryer and straightener Still havent done this one I will soon with my discount :) but I just really havent had the extra cash

Go to a pumpkin patch or fall festival with Muffin and Britt Ugh Im so upset that I havent done this one either. Maybe I will soon I need to come up with a backup plan now that Muffin is gone
Have our Disney movie party Im thinking I will do this one fairly soon so dont worry guys!!!
Lose at least 10-15 lbs Im so pissed at myself and my body right now. I just dont understand it Ive been eating right and doing stuff and the weight isnt coming off, its fucking creeping back on. I hate it why is this so fucking hard?!
Eat in accordance to my diet not fall off the wagon I havent fallen off the wagon Im still on but Im considering beating the shit out of the driver
Be a better person definitely dont think Im a better person, I think last night was proof of that when I only thought about myself and not the rest of the world!!!
save at least 300 bucks Nope havent done this one either! :# ugh!!! After fixing my car this one is kinda hard

blog everyday Nope not even this one. Wow I suck this week!!!

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  1. I'm so excited for all of the wonderful progress you've made. You've made a long list of things to change/achieve and I hope you don't get discouraged because you haven't met all of the goals, yet.

    You're doing great!!!! :)