Monday, October 17, 2011

The Cure for the Monday Blues

Sorry for not blogging Friday through Sunday its getting so hard for me to just find the time. I think Im just going to keep it as a Monday through Friday thing because it always seems that I have something major, or alot going on over the weekend. Friday night after I came home from school Muffin was transferred to Port Lavaca so I only had a couple of hours with him before he had to leave. After getting off school and getting home at learly 11pm I was super tired so we just laid down and held eachother for those few short hours we had together. I passed out and when I woke up I just cried and cried and cried because he left while I was sleeping. Omg it hurt so much to wake up alone and know that I wasnt going to see him for awhile so I cried and I cried hard. So I really wasnt in the mood for anything at all especially blogging. Being a full time  student and having a full time job really sucks the life out of you. I was so exhausted this weekend all I really wanted to do was lounge around and just be lazy but I had to get stuff done.  I also had my little sister this weekend which made things alot harder for me. She is way to energetic and I just couldnt keep up. I really just wanted to lounge and she wanted to go go go so it sucked.
I know that this weekend Im going to go to my Aunts 40th birthday and then its just going to be me time. I have no energy for anything else and I dont have any money to be spending so Im probably just going to rest, catch up on tv, jog, and rest some more.

Ok so now for a list of things I am loving today and keeping me going on this foggy, dreary Monday morning. Im really in need of some Christian time and I have a feeling that this weekend is going to be just that. Ugh some good ole Girly Christian Renee alone relaxation time!!!

-Missing Muffin and just thinking about all the fun and great things we do together, he really is my best friend and I love him so much
- Private one hour massage in the comfort of your own home. :) oh yea thats what Im talking about I didnt get one this weekend but I for sure am getting one next weekend
-Pedicures mmmm I totally want to get one soon with a nice glass of wine and a massage chair. Oh yes this will definitely help me destress. Maybe this weekend. I need to get me a good magazine or a good book and just go
-Chick flicks oh God how I love a good romantic comedy. I need to go see one but there arent any good ones. Im thinking this weekend Im going to rent bridemaids and open up a bottle of wine and just chill out
-Running, I may not be running fully but Im jogging and let me tell ya, it feels amazing. I went jogging this weekend 3 miles and my body is so sore but it feels good.
-Sleeping in, I will totally be doing this one
-Eating more fruits and drinking more water. I love what this is doing for my body and I love that Im in love with all the tastes of all the different fruits
-Aveda, last week was my first week of school and Ive learned so much about our philosophy and our products and Ive fallen in love eith it all. I can wait to get something done to my hair with our products and the best part is I get 50% off all services and 45% off all products for the first month :) I will definitely be using this soon
-Losing weight, after this weekend and seeing just what I kind do with my body at the weight I am right now I cant wait to lose the extra person of fat I have living inside of me and get out there and strengthen my body to its full potential.
Im definitely going to make this week a good one and I will leave the stress away from me because I never want to be in that amount of pain again. I want to be the best  me I can be and this weekend was a sneak peek and Im excited.

Well I will talk to you guys later :) Have a good Monday everyone

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